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February 12, 2018 3 min read
February 12, 2018
3 min read


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In this article, Josh Kule of Willow Industries discusses the legislation changes surrounding cannabis safety, and how ozone can help.

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Money is pouring into the Cannabis industry as dispensaries, cultivations, equipment suppliers, attorneys, consultants, and more pop up in cannabis legal states. Like a gold rush, safety is one of those aspects that tends to get overlooked, and that’s where Willow comes in. After a man in California died from inhaling mold in early 2017 , potentially contaminated products snapped back into focus.

Let’s not make medicine toxic.

Slowly but surely, states have been increasing testing requirements to keep up with the pace of business expansion. Just in the past few weeks, Colorado released new mandatory requirements for medical grows and monthly testing for process validated cultivations, which were previously easy ways to avoid strict testing. Aspergillus testing in California is around the corner and the Arizona legislature proposed new microbial testing this week with broad bipartisan support. Enforcement divisions around the country have long teased the idea of randomly testing samples bought in dispensaries to find grows who are circumventing the procedures, and we hope such ideas start to take hold.

Every cultivation strives (or at least, should strive) to grow clean, contaminant-free products. Fungi is a survivor though, and finds ways to grow and spread with even the slightest opening. Here at Willow we understand that mold can pop up when you least expect it, through no fault of the hard working staff.

Ozone has long been used in the agricultural industry to destroy contaminants. Obviously, vegetable growers are not worried about terpene profiles or potency testing, so we’ve worked to develop an ozone generator that will isolate and destroy harmful microbes without any effect on your strains. You can check it out on our website if you’d like to learn more.

Editor’s Note : Ozone (Chemical Formula: O 3 ) is a substance that is toxic to most organisms, including humans, due to its tendency to produce free radicals and cause cell damage. However, ozone is much more dangerous to organisms without any natural defenses (such as skin or cell walls in plants), so small concentrations are safe to humans and plants, but dangerous to microbes. Please take all necessary safety precautions when using an ozone generator.

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