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September 29, 2018 4 min read
September 29, 2018
4 min read


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In this article, Growers Network talks about a few of the best strains for growing in limited space.

The following is an article produced by Growers Network. This article is for educational purposes only. We do not claim any responsibility for any legal or financial repercussions of your decisions. Always consult with a lawyer or attorney before making a decision that could have a legal consequence!

Awesome Small-Space Strains

When deciding to grow your own cannabis, there’s a lot of factors to consider:

  1. What grow tent you can use
  2. What kind of lighting system
  3. What growth medium you want to use
  4. When to water, and how to give your plants nutrients
  5. What pests live nearby
  6. And much more.

These are all important, but none of it will matter if your space can’t handle the plants you choose.

sativa indica ruderalis

What do I mean by that? Sativas are generally too tall for a small grow, while some are just too finicky and temperamental --we’re looking at you, San Fernando Valley OG! Others might have long flowering periods or other special characteristics that a grower with minimal space may not be equipped to handle. However, there are numerous strains out there that are perfect for growing in a small space, and we’re going to talk about them now.

1. Easy Ryder

Not to be confused with the classic Peter Fonda/Dennis Hopper film. Easy Ryder is a short plant that maxes out at about two feet high. This strain is characterized as tasty and potent as it comes on fast and strong. Some users consider its effects a little too short-lived however.

easy rider
Not this. RYDER, with a Y

2. Motivation

This is a very compact indica that produces a smooth smoking experience. Perhaps a bit of a misnomer, Motivation is characterized as being very potent and almost sure do induce an acute case of couch lock. Hope you didn’t have anything else to do today!.

Motivation called and said to cancel your plans

3. Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a hybrid of Skunk and Afghani. Expect a big harvest of potent buds. It’s small stature makes it a perfect choice for growing in a small space.

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's super skunk!

4. Sweet Tooth

This shorty is great for your closet or grow tent. The finished buds are characterized as providing a long lasting high that not only elevates mood but also aids in relaxation and sleep.

Curb your sweet tooth with some Sweet Tooth

5. Warlock

Let Warlock cast a spell on you with its heady introspective effects. This husky little Indica is great for both mood and concentration.

Some would say the Warlock experience is quite magical

There you have it, a few of our favorite (small) strains. This is a nowhere near an exhaustive list, and there are tons of strains that are well-suited for growing in a small space. If we missed your favorite small-grow strain, please leave a comment, or better yet, join our forum and start a discussion.

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About the Author

Chris DeWildt is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and Western Kentucky University. He worked in education and publishing for ten years before joining the team at Growers Network.

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