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September 3, 2018 4 min read
September 3, 2018
4 min read


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So, you want to start growing some weed for personal or medical use. But you’ve never grown anything before. Should you get started? Let’s find out!

The following is an article produced by Growers Network. This article is for educational purposes only. We do not claim any responsibility for any legal or financial repercussions of your decisions. Always consult with a lawyer or attorney before making a decision that could have a legal consequence!

Keeping it Legal

If you’ve never grown weed before, you might confused by the amount of information and ideas floating around the internet. People are talking about things like hydro, media, lights, nutes, pH, etc., etc. It’s a lot to take in, and Growers Network is here to help you sort it all out with our new How to Grow Cannabis series. We’ll join you on your quest to advance in your growing knowledge and skill, and hopefully turn you into a professional (should you so desire, of course).

Now you may be thinking to yourself… “How hard could it be?” It is just a plant after all. Some soil, some water, and bam, you’ve got yourself a growing plant. You’re not wrong. You could grow like that, and you may even get some decent marijuana out of it. But if you really want to make a mountain out of a molehill, we need to add a little science to our grow.

And it all starts with a little planning.

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Planning your Grow - Legal Questions

The first thing you need to consider when you want to grow your own cannabis is… are you allowed to in the first place? While everybody wants to feel a little bit like a rebel, Growers Network doesn’t want anybody getting behind bars, so you should check to see if you’re allowed to grow in the first place. The following is written primarily with the United States in mind, but similar steps also apply if you live in a different country.

There are several places on the internet you can find information regarding what your state’s (or country's) perspective on marijuana is, but you also need to check if your city and county (or region/territory) will allow you to grow personally. Many municipalities, for example, won’t allow you to grow if you happen to live within a certain distance of a dispensary. If you can’t find the information, then you need to speak directly with a city or county clerk and find out. We also highly recommend you speak with attorney or lawyer to get approval in an official way.

Editor’s Note : If you’re looking for a relatively simple way to determine if you are allowed to grow, consider checking out . They have information relevant to states where cannabis is legal.

For example, I (the author) live in Tucson, Arizona. Arizona allows medical cannabis only. According to Arizona state law, if I have a medical card granted to me by a doctor, I can grow up to 12 plants if I live more than 25 miles away from a nearby dispensary ( Source ). If live closer than 25 miles from a dispensary, then that’s where I’ll need to go to get my weed. I know that Tucson has dispensaries covering most of the metropolitan area, so I can’t legally grow here at the time of writing (August 2018).

Too Long; Didn’t Read

  1. Check if your state (or country) law allows you to grow and what conditions must be met. It is relatively easy to find this information online via Google.
  2. Check if your county or city have any prohibitions on cannabis cultivation.
    1. If this information is hard to find, call your county and city clerks.
    2. Alternatively, speak with a lawyer or attorney.
  3. If you're unsure about anything, speak with a lawyer first.

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About the Author

Hunter Wilson is a community builder with Growers Network. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2011 with a Masters in Teaching and in 2007 with a Bachelors in Biology.

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