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October 15, 2017 3 min read
October 15, 2017
3 min read


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What are your HVAC needs? What do you want to know about the Ideal Gas Law or humidity? In this series of contributor articles, Yonatan Peretz and Hadar Fuchs-Rubal of DryGair want to answer your questions about climate control inside your growing facilities or grow operation.

Hadar Fuchs-Rubal | Yonatan Peretz

The following is an article produced by a contributing author. Growers Network does not endorse nor evaluate the claims of our contributors, nor do they influence our editorial process. We thank our contributors for their time and effort so we can continue our exclusive Growers Spotlight service.

An eMail-In Question and Answer Series

For the next few months, we intend to publish articles about the effects of humidity on the growing process during the different seasons. We’ll emphasize different options for different growing facilities and how climate is the primary obstacle to the highest quality cannabis. We encourage you to send us any question you may have, and our team will be happy to answer them.

Editor’s Note : If you’d like to reach out to DryGair, feel free to reach them with the contact information listed below .

It is well-known that climate control is essential when growing plants, especially cannabis. Since plants are living, breathing organisms, they adapt to the environment in order to regulate their internal conditions, a process known as homeostasis. The energy and nutrients each plant expends to maintain its homeostasis alters its development and yield

One of the biggest questions that new growers must answer is how to control their environment to maximize plant growth and yield. Nowadays, growers can monitor fine details, such as the humidity and temperatures on plants' leaves and soil. These factors influence growing decisions and yield. A lot of thought and money is invested into the climate controls of a new grow facility.

In our experience, each greenhouse and grow room is different. They can vary by a wide variety of factors, including size, crops, and exterior climate. Additionally, there are many ways to control climate -- from small, localized machines to complicated infrastructure. When choosing appropriate climate controls, growers should carefully consider multiple factors, including:

  1. Covered area in greenhouses
  2. Grow room size
  3. Energy sources
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Integrated equipment
  6. And more!

About DryGair

DryGair is an Israeli-based company that specializes in humidity control in greenhouses and growing facilities. We provide solutions to the growing requirements of different crops in different countries and climates. Our team has extensive experience in all fields of agriculture, especially the cannabis industry.

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  1. Want to get in touch with DryGair? They can be reached via the following methods:
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    2. Phone: +972-9-7730980
    3. Email: [email protected]

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About the Author

Hadar Fuchs-Rubal is DryGair's Economist and Marketing Manager. Hadar specializes in agriculture and environment economics. Her experience includes economic and business consulting for the private and public sectors- mainly on environment and agriculture subjects.

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